Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Class shoot

Model - Kate Sutton
MUA/Photographer - Grace Revington
Styling and hair - Kiera Liberati

Today in lesson was pretty hilarious and a bit of a joke! But at least it allowed me to do more make up and take some more pictures! The dress was a gorgeous red so I'm going to edit another shot not in B&W to show this off! Love the shape of the garment and the way it moved. Also pretty pleased with my contouring. Even though I was hungover I'm glad a dragged myself into class after all!

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Tom Ford beauty

SS12 - Tom Ford Make Up

MUA/Photographer - Grace Revington
Model - Kate Sutton

MUA's - Grace Revington, Chloe Warner, Amy Nash
Photographer - Grace Revington
Model - Lauren Estill

Two different looks here based on Tom Ford. A softer but still strong make up on Kate. Then a night time glamorous make up on Lauren. I am a massive fan of plum/berry coloured lips so I am loving Laurens luscious pout. However the green eyes on Kate really suit her skin tone and her bright blue eyes! So overall I am very happy with both looks! REEESULT!