Monday, 26 March 2012

Working with Minna...

So last week, as everyone probably knows by now (as I wouldn't stop harping on about it!) I was the make up artist for a Finnish designer called Minna. Her garments are so beautiful and delicately made it was a treat seeing them up close! The garments are made using gorgeous vintage materials, making them even more appealing to my vintage loving self!

I first heard about this opportunity thanks to my lovely friend Chloe Hooper (she's a very pretty ginger) who tweeted me Minna's link saying she was looking for a make up artist in the Dorset area. I emailed Minna explaining I was an aspiring make up artist at university etc etc. And amazingly she emailed back explaining dates and what she was planning! I was extremely excited and because I really love the clothes, the website, Minnas blog I was passionate about the job.

So anyways, finally shoot day came along and I was up at 5.30am getting ready for an hours drive to Minna's cottage in beautiful Dorset, making sure I wasn't late! I did spend a fair amount of time parked outside the wrong house... Her neighbors house. But, other than that the journey went swimmingly! So after introducing myself to Minna, I went on to meet the photographer Karoliina Barlund the model, Anna Herold and Lizzie Steele, the studio manager for Minna in London. It was quite daunting but I was just excited to be honest!

I started the make up, aiming to achieve a natural but quite haunting look on Anna, at first I caked the foundation on a bit too heavy, being used to studio shoots I needed to adjust my eye to a more natural face. However, after the minor cock up, I feel the make up looked beautiful, a darker smudged kohl underneath the eye really brought out Anna's piercing blue stare and a very natural nude lip helped soften the look. I am pretty sure Minna and her team are happy with the images as well which is always a bonus! (Hehe)

So the day went from there really, the weather was perfect and the location was stunning. We had a lovely lunch in Minna's beautiful Garden made by her mum (it was really yummy homemade pizza with parma ham and tuna! DEEELISH!) and then back to shooting. The last location was at about 5.00 and the light was just amazing. The sun going down and just kissing Anna's windblown hair was amazing. The images can be found on Minna's website http://www.minna.co.uk/collections/autumnwinter-2012

It was such a great experience and I feel motivated and excited at the prospect of creating more make up for a lot more shoots in the future!

Below are some images I really love!

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