Friday, 18 November 2011

Theo Fennell <3

I heart jewellery, especially edgy pieces and anything with a skull on (or multiple skulls even better!). My house mate Melissa even bought me a skull charm from Primark and I bloody love it.

Deep Sea Ring

Theo Fennell's jewellery is absolutely exquisite and I just love it, I took a trip to Harvey Nicks when I was in Manchester and was in awe of the copious amounts of diamonds, lavish stones, over-sized pendants and the amazing detail in each piece. My aunt even treated me to a bracelet which is beautifully constructed and dainty but edgy at the same time, it of course has a skull on it! I love that the pricing is very broad as well, with pieces ranging from £125.00 to £39,500.00 (the 'Deep Sea' ring).

Polished Silver Snake Eye Ring

I am literally dying for one of these rings, I saw them a while ago and have been taken with them ever since. As stated before the detailing is mind-blowing, the snakes skin so intricately carved and the inside of the skulls nose (seeing this in real life is even better) has the realistic markings. If anyone would like to buy me this that's fine!

 Here's the website, take a peek, I guarantee you'll be there for a while lusting over each piece!



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