Friday, 4 January 2013

Christmas Beauty Haul

Hello and HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas and has started the new year well. I had a lovely Christmas with family and friends and my NYE was super fun also! I want to kick off 2013 positively and productively so I've decided to get this blog rolling and update it as often as I can with reviews, tips and other bits and bobs that I like to ramble about! 

As my first post of 2013 I want to share some of the amazing products I got for Christmas! I had asked for a few things from my parents so I knew what I was getting, which is great because my student loan won't suffer too much (although I definitely have shopping carts online ready to go when it comes in!). So, here we go...


Benefit's "that gal" primer is something I've wanted for ages but had to stop myself from buying as I told my mum in November I wanted it for Christmas! I had a mini tester that actually lasted quite a while so I managed! I never normally use a primer just a good amount of moisturiser, but, I was so impressed with how "that gal" transforms my skin. It looks glowing and doesn't leave that weird velvety texture that I find some other primers do. It's great on its own, however, I normally wear foundation all the time anyway so I put it underneath on areas I want highlighted (Cheekbones, centre of my nose etc). http://www.benefitcosmetics.co.uk/product/view/that-gal

I also asked my mum for some Dior Skin Nude Foundation as I've been a poor student and I've been using Rimmels "Wake Me Up" (not that I mind this, I actually think it's a really great budget foundation). I was tested in store a while back for this and my sister uses it also and said she loves it! It gives great full coverage, and feels soft on the skin, it also blends beautifully! I may stick to Rimmel for everyday use but for a night out this is aamaaazing. http://www.feelunique.com/p/DIOR-DIORSKIN-NUDE-Natural-Glow-Radiant-Fluid-Foundation-SPF-15-30ml?utm_source=GoogleBaseUK&utm_medium=gen


I didn't actually get this for Christmas but I bought it with Christmas money, so it counts! MAC's pigment in 'Rose'. I'd seen this on a make up tutorial on YouTube and fell in love. It is a beautiful colour, a metallic rose/gold/pink. I've used it a few times in the day and on NYE actually! It leaves the lid looking glossy and foil like when applied all over, which I think looks amazing. Applied on the lower lash line also looks great smudged in with black liner. http://www.maccosmetics.co.uk/product/shaded/154/372/Products/Eyes/Shadow/Pigment/index.tmpl


YAYYY, I was so happy when I opened my sisters present on Christmas Day and saw a Tom Ford lipstick in 'Violet Fatale'. I've wanted a Tom Ford lippy for ages but I've never been able to commit to the price, but I've got one! And I just love it, it's smoothing on the lips, has great staying power, amazing colour and luxurious packaging -

Tom Ford 'Violet Fatale' 
I also picked out an amaze lipstick by YSL for my boyfriend to buy me, again, I've wanted one for ages and I'm not disappointed! I would say it's more of a night time lipstick (even though I love a bright lip in the day), it has a very thick consistency and beware of lipstick teeth, however, the colour is gorgeous and the packaging is great and looks expensive. I got the 'Rose Culte' shade a sort of fuchsia pink which is very sexy and worthy of a strong pout! http://www.feelunique.com/p/Yves-Saint-Laurent-Rouge-Volupte-Lipstick 

Finally, I decided I needed a new nude/pink day lipstick, so in alliance with my MAC pigment purchase I opted for one of the lipsticks from the new MAC collection 'Apres chic'. I still wanted a highly pigmented shade and the amplified lipsticks are my favourite so I went for 'Haute Altitude'. It's a rose/peach/pink shade, it glides on willingly and like all MAC lipsticks stays on for ages. I really love this new collection by MAC (apologies in advance bank balance), warm and neutral shades perfect for the wintery months! http://www.maccosmetics.co.uk/whats_new/10396/New-Collections/Aprs-Chic/index.tmpl
(Left to right) MAC, Tom Ford, YSL



Christmas and birthdays are the perfect time of year to get a new scent. I was overjoyed with my boyfriends choice of Chanel's new scent 'Coco Noir'. He's so sweet, and a very good perfume chooser (anniversary perfume being Tom Ford 'Black Orchid'!) I would never buy this scent myself as it has a very hefty price tag, but it's really special and definitely an evening scent. It's a mature sensual fragrance with soapy, clean undertones. Quite over-powering at first but it calms down after a while and smells delightful! 

My second scent this Christmas from my mum and dad is Burberry's new fragrance 'Burberry Body'. I received a sample of this is my Glossybox (not sure on which month) and loved it. It's quite a light, feminine fragrance, where as I normally go for a more heavy, dark perfumer. But, 'Body' is refreshing and girly and definitely acceptable as an everyday spritz! I feel I may get through it quite quickly though as I seem to have to spray a lot to be smelling nice all day! 

So... That's it! I'm sure I'll be indulging in more beauty delights when Januarys loan comes through but for now I'm very pleased with my Christmas beauty gifts and purchases! 

Did you receive any great new products for Christmas? TELL ME BELOW! I love comparing and sharing! 


  1. Hi there,

    Love the blog, I got given two illamasqua products for christmas one of their lipsticks in 'encounter' and illuminator in 'odyssey' I find that illamasqua's products are really good and reliable I was wondering what you thought of them? and if the brand Benefit is any good?

    Rebecca xx

  2. Hi!!

    Thanks Rebecca, oooh lovely! Lucky you! Yes definitely, have you ever tried the liquid metals? AMAZING! Also had their skin base foundation a while back which was really good, great for studio shoots!

    Well, benefit is a toughy sometimes, I think MUA's are a bit skeptical because perhaps the packaging and branding doesn't look that professional (unlike MAC and Illamasqua) but I've found the products I've used (mostly primers, porefessional, stay don't stray eye primer and of course that gal!) are really good! Worth a try, maybe try and get some testers?

    Hope this helps!! Thanks for reading :)

    Grace xx

    1. Thanks! Im in my second year and was thinking about buying in more products for this term instead of MAC and illamasqua, so I think I will be having a look at benefit today! :)

      Rebecca xx

  3. I want a Tom Ford lipstick so much, are they as good as they look? I am also in need of a new primer, I've been using a Pixi one for a while which is quite good but I like to try out new things!

  4. YEESSS! Student loan time Mel, get one! Really good because you can apply them lightly so they're quite sheer or go for strong colour with a lip liner base and using the lipstick more heavily! Ah, never tried Pixi before, heard good things about Smashbox and Stila also, but, yeah, I'm pretty happy with benefit! xx

  5. I've been lusting over the Rose pigment after seeing Tanya Burr use it! Definitely think that it needs to be added to my make up collection sometime soon...

  6. Love the TomFord lipstick xo

  7. The Tom Ford lipstick is beaut <3


  8. You got so many pretty things. Gorgeous lipsticks xx

    1. Thank you! I know, I love each one in different ways! Ha! x