Saturday, 5 January 2013


This is very naughty of me to be doing this considering I have a dissertation in next Friday and I have rather a lot to do! But, I am the queen of procrastination, so I thought I would do a really quick and easy pink themed make up! 

Girly, feminine and pearly pinks are quite SS12, but I love the fresh, glowing nature of it and I think the look can be worn all year round! In my last post (Christmas haul one) I talked about my Mac 'Rose' pigment so I thought I would incorporate that into this make up! 

Also, excuse the pictures, I did this at a rather stupid time of day and only had artificial light and the flash kept going off and I look all washed out and weird but anyway you'll get the idea! 

Here we go... 

I started with my usual skin routine, Benefit's "That gal" primer smoothed onto my cheek bones, forehead and centre of my nose comes first. Then using a Real Techniques 'expert face brush' I buff in my Diorskin Nude foundation to give a very natural flawless finish. 

I then filled in my eyebrows using an angled brush. For this look I wanted my natural shape of my brow a little more defined but still kept quite natural, so I used my HD brow palette in 'Foxy', using the dark brown which is a pretty good match for the natural colour of my brow! 

Starting on the eyes I applied Benefit's 'Stay don't stray' eyelid primer all over and a little underneath my eye, I never would normally use a primer for eyeshadow but Mac's pigments can have a little fall out so I find it's better to have a base for the pigment to stick to. This leads me on nicely to my next step! I've then apply Mac's pigment in 'Rose' which I recently purchased and am finding any excuse to slather it on! Using a flat eyeshadow brush (I use Mac's 239 brush) I pack the colour on and then blend using a fluffy blending brush (Mac 224 brush). In the corner of my eye and on the brow bone I've used my Albatross highlighter from Nars, just to give a very feminine pearly finish. 

I've then gone for the feline eyeliner flick (using Bobbi Brown's gel eyeliner in 'Black Ink'), I find, because I have quite big peepers, without eyeliner my eyes look odd, so yeah, I like a good slick of it on my upper lash line! 

I've also contoured here also, using a Real Techniques contour brush and Kryolan's Suprapalette, nothing crazy, I just wanted a bit of depth to the hollow of my cheek bones. I also, normally ALWAYS use Nars Laguna Bronzer on any make up I do (I'm pretty obsessed and am running out, AHH!). I dusted this along the sides on my nose, cheeks, temples and a tiny dusting along my jaw line as well (I like to define this as I have an abnormally small chin so I need so definition there!).

 Then for a bit of Illamasqua blusher (Nymph) on the apple of my cheeks applied using my Illamasqua blusher brush some Mac skinfinish highlighter on my cheek bones and my cupids bow. I'm actually running out of my Dior Blackout mascara but I didn't actually mind for this look as I wasn't wanting an over the top lash, I think it gives quite a nice doll eye effect when the lower lashes are quite separated and even a little heavier than the upper lashes.

And finally for the lips! I mentioned this lipstick in my last post also, my new purchase from Mac's new collection 'Apres Chic' 'Haute Altitude'. A really nice rosey pink that matches the pigment on the eyes.

As I said, the pictures aren't that great, so I did this really cringey video of me fluttering my lashes at you all! 

Thanks for reading! Have you got any favourite pink products you would like to share? Let me know below! 


  1. you're such a beaut gracie! love the highlighter, have highbeam which lasts forevs, du recs MAC is better though?! xxoxo

    1. Aww thanks youu! I was sooo close to buying highbeam today! But I literally have so many highlighters but they're my absolute fave! Well the Mac one I use is a powder and highbeams a liquid isn't it? I have a liquid Nars highlighter also which I use when I use cream blusher! But I do like my Maccy one! I also heard the TopShop gold colour highlighter is good as well! I'm going to check out your blog now because I didn't even know you had one! xxxxx

    2. alright highlighter obsession! think I prefer liquid ones though! keeeep doing these posts so's I can become a beauty pro?ha! and yesss not very dedicated though!x

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  3. Your makeup looks great! I'm a fan of the Diorskin foundation, but you should try Armani Luminous Silk...it's amazing. I actually blogged about it a few months ago.

    1. Ooo I'll definitely check this out, I've had Face Fabric before and really loved it! I'll check out your blog :) x