Sunday, 29 January 2012

NAKED palette

Urban Decays 'NAKED' eye shadow palette is definitely one for the make up bag, the shadows are highly pigmented giving full coverage and a long-lasting finish, for just £35 it's a bargain! The shades can be used for day and night make up; for the day I've been using 'Naked' which can be blended, matching your skin tone, giving the lid a matte finish but extremely natural. I've been using 'Buck' on top of this to define the crease of my eye and then a kohl eyeliner (Lancomes 'Le Crayon Kohl in Noir' is my choice) blended along the lash line very softly finishes the look.

However taking in to account the SS12 beauty trends 'Virgin' 'Sin' and 'Toasted' are a trio which would create a healthy, fresh and sparkly glow on the eye. 'Virgin' is a well rounded pearly base, giving the luminous finish which is going to be widely lusted over this season. 'Sin' a pinky shade with glitter to again create a luminosity on the lid. 'Toasted' a darker pink but still a fresh, young and feminine tone to define the outer corner of the eye.

One of my favourite things about university is going out. Not because I'm a right lad and love getting drunk, but because getting ready is literally my most favourite thing to do ever! I especially like to focus on the eyes so having so many shades to play with is very exciting! A combination I used the other evening which looked great was 'Virgin' in the socket and underneath the brow. 'Half Baked' on the majority of the lid (as I have quite big eyes this is more effective!) and then along the crease and lower lash line 'Creep'. The gold and dark smokey blue worked really well and I will definitely be donning the look again!

In the picture below the lighting causes the gold to look a bit green however it was actually very gold and sparkly!

I would highly recommend the palette, so much choice, such complementary colours which are versatile and can be applied lightly or heavily! BUY IT!


  1. the naked palette is my go to palette, it's amazing how many different looks can be created out of it. I have recently bought Naked 2 and I'm having plenty of fun with that too :)
    Poppy @ lets drive far away x

  2. Ahh, I know it's amazing! Haven't got 2 yet but I really want to! Thinking about the matte Basics palette as well :) xx